Call for expression of interest in co-financing the WEEPI Foundation

The WEEPI Foundation was established in October 2018 with the overall aim of improving quality of care for people with HIV, viral hepatitis and tuberculosis in the eastern European region through support of clinical or implementation research projects.

Call for co-financing

The Foundation actively seeks co-financing from additional donors to support its continued growth as a credible and impactful public health foundation. Additional co-financing will help secure the longer-term development, strategic planning and sustainability of the Foundation and contribute to strengthening both research capacity and the quality of testing, prevention, care and treatment for people with HIV, viral hepatitis and tuberculosis in the eastern European region. 


The WEEPI Foundation is registered in Switzerland and established according to Swiss legislation. The Foundation Board consists of Prof. Manuel Battegay (University of Basel, Switzerland) and Prof. Jens Lundgren (University of Copenhagen and CHIP, Denmark), together with Lic. iur. Andreas Dürr (Basel, Switzerland). 
In line with the Foundation’s overall aim, funded projects must have a focus on at least one of the following scoping criteria: 

Activities so far

Nineteen projects have been funded following four separate calls for proposal so far: seven ‘stage 1’ pilot projects (12 months) (call 1.1), three ‘stage 2’ projects (36 months) (call 1.2), four ‘emergency’ projects (supporting provision of care for refugees affected by the war in Ukraine) (‘extraordinary call’), as well as five new 'stage 1' projects (12 months, call 2.1). 

A call for stage 2 call (call 2.2) is in the pipeline for 2024 – allowing successful stage 1 projects to apply for a stage 2 grant. Funding is secured to cover these calls.


For more information, please contact the WEEPI Foundation at info@weepi.org with copy to office@weepi.org