An overview of the WEEPI Foundation was presented by Prof Manuel Battegay at the EACS 2023 conference in Warsaw, Poland. The talk covered the history and development of WEEPI, the governance and organisational set-up, WEEPI's aim and scope, an overview of projects funded to date, four project examples and how to apply for a WEEPI grant. 

The PPT presentation can be viewed here.


The WEEPI Foundation has awarded a new round of stage 1 project grants (stage 2.1). Five stage 1 projects (of 12 months’ duration) covering a range of clinical and implementation research topics across HIV, viral hepatitis and TB were selected following the Foundation’s second call for stage 1 proposals. The projects are based in five different countries. 

Brief project descriptions are available here.


The Isaac Dreyfus-Bernheim Foundation has generously donated 45,000 Swiss Francs to WEEPI for the next 3 years (2023-2025). Their donation will specifically fund capacity building elements under the second round of stage 1 projects. The Executive Board wishes to express their gratitude for this donation, which enables WEEPI to continue supporting initiatives aimed at improving quality of care for people with HIV, viral hepatitis and tuberculosis in the Eastern European region.


The Foundation actively seeks co-financing from additional donors to support its continued growth as a credible and impactful public health foundation. Additional co-financing will help secure the longer-term development, strategic planning and sustainability of the Foundation and contribute to strengthening both research capacity and the quality of testing, prevention, care and treatment for people with HIV, viral hepatitis and tuberculosis in the eastern European region. 

Detailed information and contact


Four projects were selected following WEEPI’s ‘extraordinary’ call for emergency projects to support the provision of HIV, viral hepatitis and tuberculosis care for people affected by the war in Ukraine. The projects are expected to generate generalizable lessons learned for the provision of care in similar emergency situations going forward. 

Read more about the projects here.


The WEEPI Foundation is launching an extraordinatory call for proposals to support projects that focus on developing and documenting good practices for the provision of care for people affected by the conflict in Ukraine. Proposals from the following countries are eligible: Hungary, Republic of Moldova, Poland, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Ukraine. 


All seven WEEPI-funded projects have initiated their activities and are currently being implemented by the project teams in dialogue with a group of WEEPI-affiliated researchers, in line with WEEPI’s spirit of Western-Eastern European research collaboration and exchange. Kick-off video calls between WEEPI contact persons and each project team took place in Q4 2020 to review progress and discuss any challenges or support needs.